« Vol. 1: Sans titre (2016) », Paris

« Vol. 1: Sans titre (2016) »

with Abbas Akhavan, Julie Beaufils, Neil Beloufa, Will Benedict, Jonathan Binet, Camille Blatrix, Isabelle Cornaro, Morgan Courtois, Tete De Alancar, Antoine Donzeaud, Eliza Douglas, Côme Di Meglio & Eliott Paquet, Elliot Dubail, Amir H. Fallah, Basile Ghosn, Carlotta Kohl, Indigo Lewin, Alexander May, Théo Mercier, Sara Naim, Fernando Otero, Cédric Rivrain, Lise Stoufflet and Romain Vicari

45 quai de la Tournelle
75005 Paris, France

31 March - 30 April 2016

The first edition of Sans titre (2016) takes place in a parisian apartment entirely renovated by Maxime Bousquet, a young architect and Marie Madec, founder of the project.

It intends to offer a vision of the collector’s apartment, as it is fantasized. The exhibited artists include promising young talents who have recently graduated and been praised by leading European art schools as well as well-established artists who have shown their work around the world.

The selected works revolve around the concepts of domesticity, representation of the interior and the private sphere, as well as question the possibility of living in everyday life with art. A multitude of mediums were used from painting to photography, through the artist’s book (specially edited for the occasion) or the in situ installation to paint a complete picture of contemporary creation. They also reflect the curator’s taste, questioning the theme’s that are dear to her, such as femininity and the relationship to the body in our society. Finally, they have been brought together and assembled to form a true collection: their heterogeneity, however is born a thread that the visitor will not fail to perceive.

A selection of vintage and contemporary furniture chosen for their rarity are added to the works of art in adequacy with the curatorial program. The pieces of Italian, French or Scandinavian design from the 1940s to the 1980s are a reflection of a true French way of life.

As a symptom of this sense of detail that categorizes the collector, the curator also made a selection of rare items and products: vintage collector’s clothing, old books of art, of decoration, and carefully selected novels, luxury accessories made in Paris, or even exceptional food and drinks presented in the kitchen space; the obsession with curiosity becoming the thread of history told by Sans titre (2016).

« Vol. 1: Sans titre (2016) », Paris - © sans titre
« Vol. 1: Sans titre (2016) », Paris - © sans titre

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