Salon d'été with Jacent, Maison Louis Carré

Salon d’été
with Jacent

Maison Louis Carré
2 Chemin du Saint-Sacrement
78490 Bazoches-sur-Guyonne, France

22 - 23 July 2023

For Salon d’été, the duo Jacent conceived a new body of work, especially made for the bathroom of Olga, the former woman of the house. The works respond to the refinement of the architecture and interact with the decorative elements, as well as with the objects and memories that evoke Madame Carré, her coquetry and her taste.

The artists have produced a series of terracottas, depicting gentle embraces, tucked among Olga’s bottles and ointments, in the hollowed-out soap dishes and on the shelves of the dressing table. These sculptures are accompanied by a series of drawings, hidden in the cupboards, and paintings on earthenware, evoking bouquets of flowers, whose colors contrast with the tiles in the bathroom.

The artists reflect on intimacy, embrace, the couple’s reverie and the poetry of everyday life, themes that are at the heart of their practice.

Salon d’été is a new weekend-long event held on July 22nd and 23rd at Maison Louis Carré, the famous Alvar and Elissa Aalto 1950s villa in the southwest countryside of Paris (Yvelines). The event brings together two dozen galleries, editors and project spaces from the new Parisian art community, presenting one artist each in a joint exhibition within the villa, alongside a program of performances and talks, and a library of publications by the Paris-based bookshop After 8 Books.

In the spirit of Louis Carré, collector and art dealer who co-founded the Comité Professionnel des Galeries d’Art (CPGA) with the intention of solidifying the network of Parisian art galleries, Salon d’été aims to unite members of the Paris art scene in a weekend of collective conversation through art.

Salon d’été was initiated by Fitzpatrick Gallery, Sans titre, and The Performance Agency.

The list of participants includes: Galerie Allen; Ciacci Levi; Crèvecoeur; Derouillon; DS Galerie; Edouard Montassut; Exo Exo; Fitzpatrick; Goswell Road; High Art; Lo Brutto Stahl; Marcelle Alix; Mor Charpentier; New Galerie; Parliament; Petrine; Sans titre; Shivers Only; Sultana; Spiaggia Libera; Shmorevaz; Tonus; We Do Not Work Alone; After 8 Books.

Salon d’été with Jacent, Maison Louis Carré - © sans titre
Salon d’été with Jacent, Maison Louis Carré - © sans titre
Salon d’été with Jacent, Maison Louis Carré - © sans titre
Salon d’été with Jacent, Maison Louis Carré - © sans titre

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